June 8, 2011

Studio News: More Space!

My snug 10' x 11' art studio has served me well for five years - a little cozy at times, but a haven for creativity nonetheless. It has become challenging to keep my artwork and all the accompanying paraphernalia in bounds. Many of my faithful supporters have inquired about art lessons, but I felt reluctant with no space for students. So, where to go from here? Go UP with a new studio over the garage!

I'm a homebody at heart and dearly love my home studio. To have a large, versatile, light-filled space for my passion is a dream come true. The project began in late April so I'm playing some blogging catch-up. If you want to follow the studio building adventure with me, enter your email address in the sign-up box on the right to receive notice of new blog posts via email. Our contractor, Dave Laube of All Phase Dave, has been great to work with. Despite cranky building inspectors, unexpected downpours, and a detail-oriented (i.e. "picky") homeowner, he keeps his cool and keeps the job moving forward. Thanks Dave!

Garage before the demolition

Dumptruck for the debris
Stripping the garage interior



Jan said...

Oh Lisa, how exciting! I truly understand when you say 'A dream come true' Your life is a dream come true...
Cant wait to see the studio.

Catherine Temple said...

Can't wait to see the finished studio! would love to expand my space someday.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished studio.

Cheryl said...

So excited for you (and me...I want to play with all of the pretty colors)!

charlotte p said...

I have been waiting for more photos. I know the hard part was moving in and that was your job so you have been busy.
I have a new studio that has been open for almost 14 months. My husband gave it to me for a retirement present. My life long dream come true!
I wish you were closer. I would come to some of your classes. I love being a life long learner.
Have fun today.